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Nov 15,  · The Amazon Appstore paid free app of the day for October 12, is XnRetro Pro from XnView. This is a nice image editing tool app used to change the colors of an existing photo or image to give it a fancy black and white effect or a different type of colors effect/5(). Jul 28,  · XnRetro. This option highlights the problem with XnRetro. It's taken an idea (quick and dirty photo editing with the aim of sharing online), which works brilliantly on mobile devices, and tried to crowbar it onto the desktop. It just doesn’t work. Limited image editing options aside, XnRetro's sharing feature is painful to use.2/5. XnRetro Pro review [App] Nice application but with annoying bugs Application is really nice, filters are simple to use and configure, but application has a couple of bugs that really annoy.

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Beautiful good! It could use a few more filter options, and the thumbnails for the files it makes are often not correct, but that aside, xnretro app review, it's beautiful good. I use it for a lot of my online posts, with amazing results. You can also work with ANY photo on your phone, including photos you've downloaded from wherever or even older photos you've taken.

I use the application almost daily. It's well worth the buck or two they charge for this thing. This has a huge number of frames and effects it's a really amazing app. I have over image apps this is one of the best, xnretro app review. Love it! Best application for today's casual photography, simple, xnretro app review to use with unbelievable effects. It does what it promises and more. Certainly it worts every penny. See Descargar el mejor editor de fotos para su Pc XnRetro - on youtube.

Awesome This application is PERFECT for people who love making fresh pictures look old and athentic as well as adding awesome touches to images as well. I had the free application on my old phone, xnretro app review. But when I upgraded my phone I decided to pay for this application as I liked it so much! Best APP out there and I've been through a lot! So satisfied to search this. Beautifull true time camera filter Simple to use, fast resize options, xnretro app review, and amazing filter and adjustment settings.

My favorite small go-to application for image edits by far! Easier than I thought! I use it more than I used any other image editing app. Perfect Retro Application Bought the very reasonable priced pro version. Simple to use and very effective. Love it Please more instant effect. Loving minimalist and modern image design :. Was looking for retro filter's created simple since Olympus added 3 to their fresh cameras, and not to mine :p This application does a very amazing job of it.

Best image editing application I just love this app. It is my go-to application for image editing. Does what I wish from every image editing app!! Totally worth the price!! Nice application but with annoying bugs Application is really nice, filters are simple to use and configure, but application has a couple of bugs that really annoy.

Sometimes final picture is much more darker than it was on preview, this bug do not depends on filter, xnretro app review. You can see that effect is much darker than expected only after save and exit. Sometimes you need to change some adjustments to see the change, xnretro app review, be cause an application do not modernize preview automatically 3.

You see "buy pro version" banner and filters are disabled time to time. Please, fix it! Fun application I really liked this xnretro app review. Downloaded the free ver xnretro app review messed around with it for xnretro app review 2 weeks then broke down and upgraded to pro because I wanted to use the pro filters lol.

Want they had more "matte" style filters. Don't really like the ones towards the end, they're too dark. Overallits a amazing app. Need more features, xnretro app review. Compared to other image apps, it's really lack of customization and simple to obtain bored xnretro app review I didn't use it for months after using it for a while Amazing One of. Amazing apps for instant cam filter lover I love this. Fun and simple Amazing range of filters and effects. Easy to use.

Love it so far! Love this! So a lot of filters and frames. Awesome application for android! Love it. Bought pro version. Surprised Very straight forward with lots of traditional filter options. Very nice app. Favorite image application Love this app.

Love the looks it gives image. Most of us Locals fish entirely in Panama Town Beach. Not Panama City. We fish 5 days a week, and while the solunar might be accurate for Panama City, it will not be for Panama Town Beach, xnretro app review. Living in a tourist city this needs to be changed. As for the problem of setting up the account, I had the same issue but it was because I didn't read correctly.

I kept seeing only 2 boxes for info, there are three. If you do it in that order there shouldn't be an invalid email pop up, xnretro app review. Works as described. I suspect people complaining of incorrect email haven't signed up for an acc with this service and are trying to use their email for the fish and wildlife department. Application correctly located me and showed me immediate data. As a surf fisherman, I have been.

This application has all of the information any fisherman could wish to maximize his outing. Downloading and installing the application was a piece of cake I like cake.

I think you folks knocked it out of the park and provided more information that I also search very useful like bait shops, etc. Amazing job! Hold up the outstanding work. Florida State statute chapter Can't tell anything about the application without signing in or setting up an account.

Did not see that requirement listed upfront. Application has weather data and tide reports along with fish info but xnretro app review not have fish biting areas as it advertised. Xnretro app review browsing xnretro app review application it crashes quite frequently so, the developer needs to do more work for sure, xnretro app review. Just downloqded the app, created an acc and where it asks to select a zone and xnretro app review pressed Florida.

Cant even make a login. Says email is invalid even though it is correct. The programmer is terrible, I assume the rest is as bad. Another amazing concept ruined by ads and premium content. Unfortunately the ads overwhelm the function of the application and forcing one to uninstall. Just an application hijacking your contacts. Will not load unless you give it access to your contacts. I guess it's a amazing application if all you do is saltwater fishing. I only do freshwater fishing, so the application is useless to me.

Email acc can't be verified.? They wish you to use Google or FB to login so they can ravage your contacts. Waste of time! Can't make a login. Asks for email, xnretro app review.

Enter email address and it says it's invalid. Can't use without signing in.


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xnretro app review


XnRetro Pro review [App] Nice application but with annoying bugs Application is really nice, filters are simple to use and configure, but application has a couple of bugs that really annoy. With XnRetro, you can easily create stunning images with vintage or instant effect. What people are saying + I love this app it's easy to use and pic look great! would recommend this app + Easy to use, and wonderful results. Even bad pics look great after using this app. + I love this app/5(71). Mar 21,  · With XnRetro, you simply open the app and either take a new picture to work with or select a picture that’s stored on your phone or tablet. From there, you can either work with the entire.