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Connectify, connexion internet en WiFi, Connexions réseau, hotspot, modem, partager une, windows 7, WPA2-DSK, partager wifi windows 7, Étape 7: Un mot de passe d'au moins 8 caractères est requis. Celui-ci servira aux utilisateurs pour se connecter à votre point d'accès. Dec 19,  · Connect your Mac to Personal Hotspot with USB. Update to the latest version of iTunes. With a USB cable, connect your Mac to the iPhone or iPad that provides Personal Hotspot. Then make sure that iTunes recognizes your iOS device. Go to System Preferences > Network. Select iPhone USB. If you don’t see it, click and add it. If you already have a different network connection, your Personal . Apr 09,  · This wikiHow teaches you how to connect to your Android with your Windows 7 computer in order to use the Android's data to connect to the Internet. This process is known as "tethering". You can tether your Android to your computer by using a USB connection or a wireless hotspot K.

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Windows 7 seems a possible Windows OS that can work. Recently, I tested it on Windows 8 and iOS 9. Unfortunately, it did not work. It seems iOS or Windows has changed its way configuring the network. Following is just my guess since both Windows and iOS are closed systems. For easier to understand, I name the adapters as follows. After Step 1, the Windows routing table is cleared. After Step 2 and Step 3, both tun0 and tun1 are created and the network packets are forwarded between each other.

Step 4 makes sure that network packets can be forwarded from tun1 to eth0 by Windows. Re-enabling eth0 in Step 5 set up the routing table as we needed. Eric is a systems guy. Eric is interested in building high-performance and scalable distributed systems and related technologies.

The views or opinions expressed here are solely Eric's own and do not necessarily represent those of any third parties.

What results do you get? Are there any error messages from Windows or iOS? My tests on iPhone6 with iOS 8. Making it work is a little bit tricky. You will need to follow exactly the order of the steps here. Some times, you may need to try several times. Seems problems happen before or on step 3. Do you have iTunes installed on your Windows.

You may try to reauthorize your computer. You may also check whether firewall on windows blocks the connection? I have tried this with my iPhone 5 and Windows 7. Any ideas? The method here should be followed exactly according to the steps.

PC connects through iPhone like normal tether. PC connects to internet on its own as normal. Any ideas how to get this tab back? Please, I want to know if it would work on my faculty internet with a proxy ip address? Thank you. But I want to know if my cellular data being on before I start the process should be a pre-requisite or should it be off? I work in a university faculty so our internet has an http proxy that has to be put in the internet settings before it works.

I am afraid the method here will not work for this situation. They work on different levels. I want to know how to connect it using Windows XP? Because the methods you showed is using Windows 7.

I cannot get to the network sharing parts on windows XP. I run it on Windows XP when I figured out this method, windows 7 iphone partage connexion usb. I tested on Windows 7 with iOS 8 when I wrote this post.

It instead only used my cellular data to access the internet. I also tried bridging the connections together but a error message popped up and I gave up. Somethig about tcp error Oh and the internet sharing option only appears when there is another internet adapter connected and detected by your computer.

I believe jailbreaking is the only way you could try to do this but I have yet to find a tweak that does it. Any other options? Please note that it is only tested working on specific versions of iOS as stated at the beginning of the post. I am not sure. You can have a try. There are limited number of combinations that work following this tutorials. Please share with us if it works for you, windows 7 iphone partage connexion usb. Please advice something …. You are lucky having it working for you!

Could you share with us your versions of iOS and Windows? Actually I am using ios 7 with windows 7 on pc… I surprised to stop working I dont know why? If windows 7 iphone partage connexion usb ever worked for you.

You may try to restart both you iPhone and Windows, then follow exactly the steps in this tutorial. It might work again. Please tell the next step, what should i do to start internet in my iphone.

Sir,thank you very much, it worked Windows 7 with iOS 9. Great windows 7 iphone partage connexion usb know it works for you! You know, it is hard to make this work. The solution is picky in the combinations of Windows and iOS and windows 7 iphone partage connexion usb. Thanks for your sharing!

Sir, why is the sharing tab instead says windows- -i forgot is corrupted, windows 7 iphone partage connexion usb. Any tips on how to fix this? Thank you for the tutorial. Unfortunately, as soon as I shut off cellular data my personal hotspot shuts off. The same thing happens if I switch to airplane mode. Is there a workaround to this? I am using Windows 7 and IOs 9. What if I want it to windows 7 iphone partage connexion usb the other way around?

In many cases, yes. I have followed the same steps. If I turn off my cercular data, the hotspot will disconnect otherwise I cannot use the PC internet. Can you help me to do something like this on Windows 10? Thanks a mmmilllion for this post!!!!!! The rest you may find on internet including Mac help has been absolute crap, but this saved my afternoon!!!

I tried to add it, but I must have done it incompletely as it is still not working. Can you please give me a clue of right way of adding it? Hello First of all thanks for the post it worked for me I do not understand how it works but it did work for me 4 times on windows 7 and 10 and iOS However after these attempts I never got it working again windows just says Unidentified network after I enable network sharing of my other network card I really would like to get it to work again can you help me?

Thanks in advance. It is a surprise for me to know it worked for you with iOS Thanks for sharing this info, windows 7 iphone partage connexion usb. The advises I can possible give to try: — stick with Windows 7.

It was successful for iOS 8 and iOS 9. The rest I could find on internet including Mac help has been absolute no-help, but this saved my afternoon!!! But worth try. Many thanks for your reply! In fact no, I connected Windows machine to 3G internet through wired iPhone6 following instructions above. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

All posts by Eric Ma. Previous Post:. It is unable to detect networks. I have tried several times with one of the 3 following results: 1. Minding restarting Windows and even iPhone?

This might sound a silly answer. But sometimes, it is the solution.


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windows 7 iphone partage connexion usb


tethering iphone 4s to desktop with USB cable and Windows 10 not connecting to internet. On Windows 7 I had no problem tethering my Iphone 4s to my desktop with USB cable. When I downloaded Windows 10 I was unable to use USB cable to tether. I don't have Wi-Fi. I am back to Windows 7 and that is how I'm able to send this. En activant le partage de connexion de l'iphone et en le branchant par usb au PC, la connexion internet était possible sur le PC mais ne fonctionne pas avec Windows 8. Faut il faire une manipulation particulière? En Wifi cela marche mais le debit est de . Sep 18,  · 1. Connect you iPhone to the computer. 2. Launch the Device Manager by using Windows shortcut keys Win + Pause. 3. Expand Universal Serial Bus controllers entry and see if Apple Mobile Device USB Driver is listed. Or expand Other Devices entry to check the Unknown device.